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Unique Solution – Age Verification System

As a response to the extension of MDB / ICP standard by section 11, which addresses the issue of communication with the appliance for age verification, we have substantively altered our Age Verification System. Starting from April 2011, a new version that communicates with all vending machines that have this standard implemented is available. These are specifically vending machines with standard MDB, version 4.1 and above.

This standardization now enables the activation of the Age Verification System, allowing and disallowing sale in particular shafts directly within the machine. This enables the suppliers to respond more flexibly to individual demands of different sales points. Previously essential change in hardware is no longer necessary.

The first vending machine with automatic Age Verification System for the sale of alcoholic beverages was introduced at the beginning of 2007.

  • The “automatic age verification“ was developed to prevent the purchase of goods and services or to restrict access to certain areas where the entrance is limited by age, as defined by the law.
  • This system allows you to meet the official requirements for legal age even at places where personal age verification is too complicated, too costly or simply impossible.
  • The backbone of the system is a reading device (OCR reader) which scans machine-readable zones (MRZ) of personal documents (identification card, passport), digitizes the information and passes it on to the evaluation unit where the date of birth of the customer is compared with the current date.
  • None of the data is further stored or processed (identity and privacy protection).
  • The system is modular, and can be customized according to various requirements and wishes.

The age verification system is further suitable for the following areas:

The age verification mechanism is protected by the utility model UV16638 and registrations of Czech (PV2005-804) and international (PCT/CZ2006/00090) patents.