watchful cigarette vendor

Cigarette Vending Machine

Unlike the Vending Machines for Alcoholic Beverages, those for cigarettes have become very common in nearly every restaurant or bar. However, not even here is the protection of youngsters handled perfectly. It mainly depends on the serving staff whether they request an ID proving customer's age or rather choose to rely on their own estimate when permitting the legally required access to the machine. Our lawmakers, as well as the leading international producers of cigarette vending machines are well aware of this fact.

It therefore didn’t take long before the first vending machine with the age verification system was introduced and several producers contacted us. Prototypes of reading devices for Sielaff, Jofemar and Harting vending machines were tested. In the case of the Sielaff and Harting vending machines we have enhanced outdoors vending machines, accessible 24-7.

Starting April 2011, a new Age Verification unit is available. It can communicate via its MDB bus with any vending machine that operates an MDB version 4.1 and higher.

We are prepared to consider implementation of our system into machines of other interested producers.