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Vending Machine for Alcoholic Beverages

The machines enable the sale of cold beverages in 0.33 and 0.5-liter cans in a number of various combinations. Up to nine different products can be offered for sale in the vending machine. The sale of any one of these products can be conditioned by the age verification. The pre-setting is done directly in the menu of the vending machine.

Successful testing, which moved the project to its implementation phase has confirmed that beer from the vending machines has the “desired temperature“ and does not excessively foam after immediate opening. Pilsner Urquell became the first client to use the system in practice. The first phase assumes the placement of 100 vending machines in the region of Prague and Central Bohemia. So far, the following localities were selected, catering to a large number of potential customers:

  • university dormitories
  • accommodation facilities
  • shopping centers
  • sports facilities
  • recreational facilities