strict bar attender

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How is the collection of personal data secured?
    The system does not collect any information; it contains no recording medium. The Personal Data Protection Office, whose expertise we sought, has confirmed this.
  • How is the system protected from misuse?
    This system is more reliable and more rigid than a person can be. The protection is assured through a checksum of a machine-readable code and verification of its accurate position in the ID document which is in accordance with ICAO 9303 norm. Personal ID document is non-transferable and its misuse is punishable by law. The holder of the ID document is responsible for the document's misuse.
  • Is there a similar consumer-protection system available anywhere else in the world?
    Not yet. Our search through pending patents has not proved its existence. The system is protected by the utility model UV16638 and registrations of Czech (PV2005-804) and international (PCT/CZ2006/00090) patents.
  • Is the beer chilled? It does not foam after opening, does it?
    The beer has the right “operational“ temperature, which means that you certainly do not need to worry that it would foam too much. Not even when the beer is opened immediately after it “falls out“ of the vending machine.